Online and Campus Courses

Platform Course Title Institution Period
Coursera Internet of Things UCSD 2015-2016
Coursera Java Programming Duke U. 2015-2016
Coursera Full Stack Web Development Hong Kong U. 2016 Introduction to Java Programming - Part 1 Hong Kong U. 2015 Cosmology Australian National U. 2015 Electronic Interfaces U Cal Berkeley 2015 The Violent Universe Australian National U. 2014 Exoplanets Australian National U. 2014
  Introduction to Embedded Systems UCSD 2015
  C/C++ Programming I UCSD 2015
  C/C++ Programming II UCSD 2015
  Embedded Controller Programming I UCSD 2015
  Embedded Controller Programming II UCSD 2015
  Embedded Controller Programming III UCSD 2015
  Unix Operating Systems Northeastern 1985
  Local Area Networks Northeastern 1986
  C Programming Northeastern 1986
  Intro Software Engineering Northeastern 1986
  System Programming Principles Northeastern 1987
  4th Generation Languages Northeastern 1988
  Unix Administration Northeastern 1991
  Visual Basic Programming Northeastern 1994
Database Management Systems Harvard Extension 1988
  Data Structures Harvard Extension 1989
  C with Assembly Language Harvard Extension 1989
  Operating Systems Harvard Extension 1990
  The Religions of Asia Harvard Extension 1992
  Advanced Programming in C++ Brandeis University 1997
  Lab Electronics: Analog Design Harvard Extension 2010